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Fixed Based Operating 

IAS International Air Services BV - BAS your regulatory compliance expert in EASA aviation consulting , aviation advisory and auditing.

In the airplane servicing industry, FBO stands for "Fixed Base Operator." FBOs are private companies or organizations that provide a range of services to general aviation and business aviation aircraft at airports. These services typically include aircraft fueling, maintenance, hangar storage, ground handling, concierge services, Tax Free and more. FBOs serve as the primary point of contact for private and corporate aircraft operators when they land at an airport, offering essential services to ensure the smooth operation and servicing of aircraft while they are on the ground.

IAS International Air Services BV - BAS is your Solution provider of comprehensive EASA, FAA compliance library database and Aerospace Management Applications already in UAE, KSA and SA..

Part CAMO,AMAS platform& EU/EASA regulatory changes.